Gorgeous Noreve leather covers for all your high-tech devices…

Human beings have always loved to be surrounded by beautiful objects…and by beautiful storage solutions for their smaller gadgets or other everyday possessions. Who’s never come across a vibrantly colourful biscuit tin? Or a finely-worked leather knife sheath hanging from a hiker’s belt? And that’s not to forget about all the boxes and containers for cosmetics and beauty products!

Hand-worked leather

HTC One leather case…

Source: http://www.noreve.com/en

A cursory look at all the hand-crafted items which can be found all over the world and which stem from this very human desire to take care of everyday items demonstrates one thing: the more precious the contents, the more lovingly its ‘holder’ is crafted!

In the present day, what item of technology is more important to us than our smartphone? (Or our tablet?...). What could be more reassuring – or elegant – than this leather cover for the Blackberry Passport: http://www.noreve.com/en/679-passport. In a very sophisticated shade of grey, hand-worked in quality leather with a great feel, it’s hard to deny that the wallet-style cover is a smart piece of kit.

This is just one design available from Noreve, specialists in leather phone cases!

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