Furniture fanatics will find a home from home at Produit Intérieur Brut!

Furniture-lovers of all stripes will find a treasure trove of quality chairs, tables, chests, cupboards and more at PIB Home. The site is particularly strong on the latest design trends, including the industrial look, Scandinavian designs and bohemian ‘shabby chic’ styles.

Shabby chic furniture takes in chairs, tables and chests of drawers, like the one shown here


Why not browse the extensive range of vintage chairs on offer and see if you can pick up a striking workplace-inspired stool? Originally destined for the factory and the office, these creations were typically made of metal, meaning that they were both strong and relatively light.

The shabby chic look can be used to complement the more austere industrial style, but it’s also very effective on its own. Particularly suited to bedroom décors, shabby chic furniture is often twinned with colourful fabrics and quilts. Light-coloured wooden items like dressing tables (see below) and armchairs also lend airiness to a room. This trend has even extended to the bathroom, where baths and sinks that look like throwbacks to a more glamorous era can help this room really stand out. Items in marble, copper and tin will help add real character.

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