Could DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin® patch offer fresh hope for allergy sufferers?

Researchers around the world have long grappled with the problem of food allergies. Many methods of treating allergy sufferers have been tried out, but each has its own particular disadvantages. However, visit and you’ll see that one French company has decided to strike out on a radically new path when it comes to allergy diagnosis and treatment. offers an overview of DBV-Technologies’ innovative Viaskin® patch.

The Viaskin® peanut patch

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This is an adhesive patch worn upon the patient’s skin. It works by delivering an immunoactive compound (contained in powdered form within the patch) into the body. This antigen interacts with the immune system, i.e. causes an allergic reaction, but by carefully regulating the quantity of antigen released into the body, a certain level of tolerance can be created. This process is called ‘desensitization’. It’s a method that’s suitable for subjects of all ages, but it could be especially popular for younger patients, as it’s entirely pain-free.

As you can see, the Viaskin® patch has been developed for use with peanut allergy sufferers, but there are also variants on the same theme: cow’s milk protein and house dust mite patches have also been produced.

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